Friday, May 14, 2010

Q and A about HomeScan

Im sure most everyone has heard of National Consumer Panel(NCP) HomeScan and it used to be called Nielson.  They have opened up space for more applicants.  Last time they did this I signed up and I was picked.  I started about four months ago, and its really simple.  Anytime I buy something I just scan the barcode with the scanner and tell it where it was bought, and then I transmit the data.  You can do multiple trips at a time if you have gone to more than one place. 

The scanner is cordless so you can take it where ever you need to.  The base does need to be plugged in.  The customer support is awesome.  If you have any questions they are willing to help.  I got a letter after my first month thanking me and at my three month mark I got a little gift.  NCP wants you to scan every trip you take, but if you dont its not a big deal you just might not get all your points.  You can use your points to get all kinds of gifts, and if you qualify you can be entered in drawnings.  If you are intersted in applying just click on the picture below.

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