Friday, October 23, 2009


Well it has been an interesting month to say the least!  The boys and I went to Indiana to visit my grandparents for a week.  While we were there I was able to catch up with one of my best friends and spend some much needed time with my grandma playing cards!  My mom and youngest sister Devon came up during the same time.  My mom was having her twenty fifth class reunion.  We all had a GREAT visit! 
**Pictures should be coming** Mom please upload them soon:)
I have been busy with school, but I have really wanted to do some crafts for the upcoming holidays!  The boys both wanted halloween costumes that are not really pre-made, so this gave me the prefect opportunity to get my creative juices going. Of course I didnt think to take pictures of Jackson's but he wanted to be the purple ninja turtle....they do not make a purple ninja turtle costume!  So we bought the red turtle, and I cut the red fabric off and sewed purple on.  I still have to figure out the face mask, but I did get his stick thing all worked out(its the turtles weapon).  As for my Preston he wants to be a robot!  I just started on it last night but its going to be fun putting it all together.  So far I just have the box cut, but I have all the supplies I think I will need. 

My AWANA class is going great!  I have had fun learning and playing with all my cubbies.  We have been learning about the days of creation for the past couple of weeks.  I would post pictures of my class but I do not have the permission from the parents.  Here is my cubbie though.
Not the best picture, but I think he still looks cute.

During this season we like to paint our pumpkins.  When we lived in Florida it was to hot to carve pumpkin because they go bad fast if they are in the heat.  So I have decided to keep with the painting, one because its hot here in Texas, and two its easier for the little ones to be able to paint than it is for them to carve.

I am going to try to update more often, and I have some more fun things to blog about soon!