Sunday, August 30, 2009

Challenge Excepted!

One of the blogs that I read The Lawsons did Dallas! is having its readers take the Let's Get Real 2009: Perfect People Lie.  The challenge is to take pictures of your house the way it looks in its normal state...NOT the way it looks when you are having friends over!  I desided to take pictures of the places in my house that really need some attention.  Looking through the pictures of other houses makes me feel normal for having clutter, dishes, toys, and other random things laying around for days, and sometime weeks at a time.  So hold on because I have clutter galore!

This is my kitchen.  As you can see I have a good amount of counter space, but it is covered in mail, school papers, toys, cups, and everything else that doesnt have a home yet!  I dont really have a problem with doing dishes, but mail and paper work just takes over my kitchen!

This bench has been a problem for me ever sence we got it!  I dont think its ever been totally cleaned off and it has turned in to my clean clothes rest spot.

 Our laundry room is right off the garage, and when the boys or I come in we put all our bags, helmets, and dog stuff on the washer and dryer.  I tried to solve this problem by putting over the door hooks on the back of the doors, but as you can see we still are not using them!

This is our dog Lucy's space.  This summer I cleaned out the closet right next to her crate as you can see what I took out never left that spot! 
I am a stay at home mom, and some times feel like I should keep the house "perfectly clean", but being real about it....its never going to happen!  Well I guess it might happen when I dont have two boys making extra messes for me:)  I hope you will take this challenge with me, and if you do let me know!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mistakes and Blessing

I love how things that I think are mistakes or mess ups can turn out to be blessings! Here are some of the things that I thought were bad but turned out to be blessings!

1. This weekend Josh had to work all day Saturday and we were both pretty upset that we had a short weekend because of it. Little did I know that they were going to give him next Monday off and when I called today to get an appointment to get my eyes checked and the only day I could get was that very Monday!

2. Josh woke up late this morning and the boss called to find out what was going on. Josh said he over slept but was on his way. They tried to get him to take his "free" day today but he said no I'm already up and around. Then after hanging up he realized that he could have gone to Jackson's meet the Teacher Day, so he was a little regretful for not taking his day. At 9:30 I got a call from him and he said turn around I'm done for the day I can go to Jackson meet the Teacher!

3. Today I got onto my online classes for the first time. As I was checking everything out I realized that one of my classes I had the text book not the e-book (its the text book but the online version)!! I was super upset because I had bought the book online not at the book store so I had no way to return it. I went up to the book store and explained what I had done, and when I was talking to the store clerk a girl was wanting to buy the very book I was needing to get rid of. I sold her my text book for half the price she would have paid at the book store and I bought the e-book without having to come up with more money!

I just have to keep remembering that I don't have control over everything, the Lord is in the drivers seat and he will take care of us.

Friday, August 14, 2009


"Giveaway at Apron Girls sponsored by great cookware and beautiful desks!"

I think this cookware is super cute! Check it out:)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Hello friends!

I am trying to spread the word about my mom's scrapbook website . My mom started scrapbooking in 1999, and her first book was mine. It is busting at the seam with pictures and memories of my childhood, and like most people who start scrapbooking she hasn't stopped! She became a sales consultant for Stampin Up and was with the company for nine years and then left the company to start her own scrapbook company. It took over a year to get all the right vendors, products and the website setup. The store has product lines that you wont find at every scrapbook store, and the website is every user friendly! My mom (Laurie) has been is sales for as long as I can remember and knows how to treat a customer right. So if your into scrapbooking checkout her site I know that you will find something you love!