Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day???

I was wondering what everyone was doing for Mother's Day.  We don't have any plans right now.  I was asked what I wanted to do, but I have no idea...well the whole day to myself would be great but I dont think my kids or husband would like that.  Shoot me some ideas and help me have a fun Mother's Day!


  1. I gave my daughter some ideas of what I would want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and she made up a really cute menu for the whole day!! Her and my hubby are shopping for that right now!

    Me, I would love a quite house with NO ONE fighting and a LONG hot bath with a diet pepis and book nearby!!

    Happy Mother's day!!

  2. I would love a quiet house too. I think I will get it when my husband an son take Sunday afternoon naps.

    We are going to an early dinner and I bought myself sneakers. Oh! and my husband already brought home roses.

  3. Thanks for the ideas ladies! I hope you guys have a great day!

  4. Happy FF! Just stopping by to share a little comment love!