Friday, March 20, 2009

Where has the time gone?

It seems like yesterday I was getting everything ready for my precious baby boy to be born. At the time Josh was away and Jackson and I were staying with my parents. Thank you mom for letting us stay with you! I know I can be a pain at times. On Saint Patrick's Day was when I knew I was not going to make it to my due date. I was having mild contractions, and for me that meant it was only a matter of time. I contracted through the night, but by mid morning they had stopped. As that day came to an end they started again. I waited as long as I could to wake my mom. At about 4am I called my doctor and told him what was going on. He said drink some water and give it a couple more hours. Around 9am we headed to Trident Regional Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina. My mom and sister Beth were there with me the whole time. Josh was not able to be there physically but we were able to have him on the phone on and off through out the day. He had a 30 minute window between class and PT and I was determined to have Josh with me while I pushed. Preston came late afternoon, and Josh was with me the whole time!
If you haven't noticed Preston and Josh resemble each other closely. Preston looked like Josh from the moment he was born. Like most babies Preston wanted to be held most of the time. This is hard to do with a one year old who was a Mamma's Boy! Jackson loved and shared with Preston until Preston was able to get around and take things for himself! Luckily they are starting to really enjoy playing with each other.

As a baby Preston was very observant, he always looked like he was deep in thought, and liked to watch others interact. People always told me that babies who are like that are smart when they get older. Maybe that is why Preston has such a big vocabulary for such a little guy. One thing has not changed Preston still likes to be held. He gives the best squeeze hug and loves to snuggle.
Preston is definitely all BOY! He likes dirt, rocks, and everything outdoors. He could careless about getting dirty, and truly enjoys digging in the mud. He has been such a blessing to have. I could not imagin a day without my boys! The Lord truly knew what my heart needed when he gave me my family. I never knew the love that I had to give until I had my boys. Happy Birthday Preston! We love you more than you love us!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Preston's Monster Truck Cake!

Some of you know that I love to bake, and I took a cake decorating class at Micheal's last summer. I have made a handful of cakes, but this was my first pieced together cake. It was much harder to do than I thought it was going to be! I guess I just thought I knew what I was doing and just could free hand everything without a guide.

After looking on the internet at some pictures of Monster Truck shows I had a better idea of what I need to do. I had to make a few changed to my original idea, but the cake turned out great, and tasted great!

One of my favorite memories as a child is cooking and baking with my Grandma Ennis. She would always let me lick the beaters, and every time I bake I always let the boys get the beaters. I hope that they will have great memories of cooking with me too! Love you Grandma!!

Here is the finished cake! It was fun to make, and was the best tasting cake I have made yet! Jackson requested a skateboard cake for his birthday this year. It's never anything easy with them I guess!

We had the cake at our small group this Monday. Here are some pictures of Preston blowing out the candles, and singing Happy Birthday. Love you Preston! I can't believe my baby is two!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Before haircut

Fort Worth Stockyard

Fort Worth Zoo

Grover Update

Well people I have been trying to post pictures and text for about an hour and half but I keep messing everything up when I add new pictures. So I am just going to write and then add pictures later. We have had a full two weeks! I have started my new job at Walco International as an Assistant/Secretary. Everything is going well, and I am learning a great deal about farm animals! (They sell animal supplies) The boys are slowly adjusting to full time daycare. Jackson has asked a few time to going back to school:( I guess he misses his buddies! I am going to enroll him in full time Pre-K next school year so we just have to make through the summer with him.

Preston is going to be two on the 19th! I can not hardly believe that my baby is already two. We have decided to not have a big party for him this year, but instead we are going to take a trip to Sea World next weekend and celebrate it then. I can't wait!

Josh is doing great at work. He will be testing for Staff this spring. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he makes it. He will be going some time in April for more training. Luckily it's only going to be two weeks long.

Well that's all for now I will attempt to add pictures next!