Friday, February 19, 2010

Pull-Ups vs. Easy Ups

My son Preston is almost three and we have been potty training him for about six months now.  He has it down but naptime and bed time he still needs to wear something.  We have been using Pull-Ups because I had some coupons for them, but the last time I went to the store I bought Easy Ups simply because it was the coupon I had.  I was really disappointed with them.  They bunched up while he was sleeping, the material was not as good as Pull-Ups, they leaked multiple times, and they did not have the reclosable sides.  I will say that I used Pampers diapers almost exclusively with both my boys, and really never had any problems with them.  I am sure this is why it was hard to understand why Easy Ups where not holding up as well as Pull-Ups had.  Here is Pull-Ups and Easy Ups websites take a look at both and see what you think.

I was not compensated by either company this is strictly my opinion.

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