Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dang pizza boxes! those of you who are really into recycling you might not want to read this post. This morning my husband texted me that the contractors where no longer going to pick up our trash if we do not start to recycle. First we live on a military base so the trash people are contracted out to come to our house to collect our trash. Second that means that someone is coming around looking in our trash cans to see what we are throwing out! We do have a recycling can but in the past if we did not have it full it would sit and sit and sit some more. I got tired of putting the recycling out and not having it picked up. So I just gave up! This afternoon I heard the trash truck...thanks to our dog she always lets me know when the mail or trash guys are around! I looked out the window saw the guy look in our can take the top bag out and leave the rest. I was a little more than ticked. I went right out there and asked why my trash was not going to be taken. He stated that we had recycling in with our trash. By the way our "recycling" is just cardboard, and paper...they don’t want to mess with the other stuff apparently. We walked over to my can and there were cardboard pizza boxes and one post office box in the can...other than that it was trash and yes there were a few pop tart boxes in the bags. I explained that other than the pizza boxes the majority was trash, and asked that they please take the bags and leave the other things and I would move them to the recycling can. Then the guy actually asked me if I knew how to read!! I thought are you kidding me are you really going to do this over some pizza boxes...that was all I could take I said yes I can read that it is a trash can...can you read? I pulled out the bags and handed them to the other guy and said that I would put my pizza boxes in the recycling but please take the bags. So my questions is....Is this happening off military bases? I do not believe the recycling a law so why are there random people coming around checking in my trash before its even picked up! So just so I do not start trouble for my husband we will be putting all our cardboard in the recycling....and they better pick it up!!


  1. That's interesting because where I live you can NOT recycle pizza boxes because they get soiled by the oil.

    Very frustrating to have them enforce this rule if they don't even pick up your recycle in the first place.

  2. Yeah, if they don't ever take the recycling, what are you supposed to do with it? Weird.

    And it makes me nervous. My husband is in the Navy (he's in Dental School right now), and some day we will be living on a military base. I hope garbage contractors are not all like that.

  3. That seems weird that they would be allowed to look through your trash... I've never heard of that. If they don't start to actually pick up the recycling, what will you do?

  4. We live on a Military base and we aren't allowed for recycle pizza boxes either. We get to recycle aluminum and plastics too as long as they are 1, 2, or 3.

    Our recycling gets picked up FIRST thing in the morning and at sometime during the day, the trash man finally rolls around.

    The only people I've known to go through people's trash cans are the civilians who are trying to collect cans.

  5. Crazy garbage police! My problem, once I started recycling, was
    that I had way more recyclacles than trash and they only give us a littlebox for the recycling to go into! AND btw, frozen pizza boxes (and any other frozen food box) aren't even recyclable because of the waxy layer on them... they ARE trash!

    Good luck. Love the blog!