Friday, February 26, 2010

Hey everyone...I hope you all had a great week!  I wanted to share the new Vera Bradley line with you guys.  I just got an email from them and I really thought there stuff was cute...and I thought you might think so too!

Here are some colors that I like.
Sittin' in a tree


                                                                         Poppy Fields

                                                                         Bali Gold

Symphony in Hue

Here are a few pieces I really liked!

                                     This is the Birdie Wallet...isnt it super cute!

This is the Darling Clutch...I really, really love this!

This is the baby bag in Sittin' in a tree.  I had a baby bag for both my boys and really loved them!

I hope you enjoyed this sampling of Vera Bradley.  I have been a long time fan, and always like supporting great companies.  This post is just my opinion, I was not compensated, and I am not affiliated with Vera Bradley...just a fan!  All pictures are from the Vera Bradley site.

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