Thursday, February 18, 2010

The gray tooth

A couple of weeks ago Jackson can home from school and said that he got hit in the mouth with a toy car.  I took a look at his teeth a tiny little chip was was missing from a tooth, and he was in a little pain but nothing to worry about.  Well last week I noticed that his front tooth looked a little gray...I thought oh great he has a "dead tooth"!  We went to the dentist today and the dentist explained that when a tooth has trama it can cause the vein to bleed into the tooth causing the gray color.  Luckly the tooth is not wingling, there isnt any abscess, and he is not in really any pain so he gets to keep his tooth.  There is a chance that the tooth will go back to white, but it could stay gray. 

Here is Jackson smiling.  I love that his gap is the same on top and bottom!

Here is a little side note about another gray tooth.  One of my youger sisters hit her mouth when she was around three, and the same thing happened to her.  For years I teased her calling her "dead tooth...I guess what comes around goes around!

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