Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We're painting the roses red....

It has been a little crazy here on base lately....the big guys are coming!  You know when the boss is coming every little thing that you have been putting off you want to get done so you dont get the "talk".  Yesterday I saw guys painting the street posts, putting up street signs that have been missing for months, bike paths have been painted, the grass has finally been mowed at the parks, and im sure that there has been major cleaning/fixing going on in the buildings.  I'm sure this happens at most places of business...I know that when the owner is going to be coming where I work we do extra cleaning.  It's just funny to see it on such a large scale.

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  1. We know the feeling. They are doing the same things here on our base and then some! There's a lot of construction going on so there are plenty of detours. Since they're fixing things up I feel like I should plant flowers or something! ha ha