Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Help Wanted!

Blogging Buddies I need some help getting my mom some more votes!  She has entered a Mother's Day Makeover contest and is currently in first place....(im sure you are think why does she need more votes!)  The lady that is in second place has come out of no where and is raking in the votes while my moms votes have slowed way down. If you go here and vote for my mom can get a chance to win my current giveaway going on here for a $20 Bath and Body Works giftcard and some other great products from there.  
This is my mom and I right before I had my youngest son Preston.  I lived with my mom and sisters the last couple of months of both my pregnancies and a month or two after.  Yes people she had to put up with a lot!  My husband could not be there do to work, and I knew she would be there for me no matter what.  She has given my three sister and I so much I would love for her to win this Mother's Day Makeover.  Please head over and vote...and even vote daily if you could!  The contest ends May 4th.  If you do vote be sure to put your entry into my giveaway!
This picture is a little dated but this is all five of us together!

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