Friday, April 23, 2010


A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the movie BABIES.(Click here to read)

BABIES is directed by award-winning filmmaker Thomas Balmès, from an original idea by producer Alain Chabat, Babies simultaneously follows four babies around the world – from birth to first steps. The children are, respectively, in order of on-screen introduction: Ponijao, who lives with her family near Opuwo, Namibia; Bayarjargal, who resides with his family in Mongolia, near Bayanchandmani; Mari, who lives with her family in Tokyo, Japan; and Hattie, who resides with her family in the United States, in San Francisco.

I wanted to write a follow up post and show you guys baby number four Hattie. 

Hattie was born to very ecological, “green” parents in San Francisco. When we first meet Hattie, she is in the hospital, but it’s not for long before she is back home with her parents. For Hattie’s family, it’s all about “How can I be good with the world?” The family’s diet focuses on fruits and vegetables. Both of Hattie’s parents are equally involved in her day-to-day life, fixing her meals, taking her to play groups, and spending time with her around the house. Hattie seems much like an old soul trapped in a very young body; she is much more cautious and analytical than the other three babies, evaluating her surroundings and what’s in her field of vision.

BABIES will be in theaters Mother's Day weekend May 7th.  Click on the picture of Hattie and it will take you to more pictures and infomation about the movie BABIES.  Also below is the offical trailer...check it out! 

I can't wait to see the whole movie...Who doesn't love BABIES!
A special thanks to BuzzAgent and Focus Features Films for providing information and pictures from the movie BABIES.  By clicking on the pictures it helps me in a contest.


  1. I have been waiting for so long for this movie to come out! It's finally just around the corner- can't wait!!

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