Tuesday, December 15, 2009

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

Well here she is in all her glory!   Our Christmas tree is full of memories...you see our theme is family and friends.  All the ornaments on the tree were either given to us, bought for each other, and/or represent a time in our lives.  Well I guess the candy canes that I added yesterday do not count, but you get the picture.
It is really hard not to buy cute ornaments that I see, but I really love the tradition we have started.  Plus who to say in a few years I don't add a second big tree.  Enjoy the closeups of some of my favorites!

This is my first Christmas ornament!  I love it!!

This is our first Christmas together ornament.  Josh's mom and dad got this for us from Frankenmuth, Michigan.  To the left is a beaded bell that my great-grandma made...it is not a great picture of it but it is very dear to my heart.  On the right is Jackson's first Christmas ornament (the baby cradle)

At the top there is a Charleston, South Carolina sand dollar and it is painted with the Rainbow Row scene.  Josh and I met in Charleston when we were both in college.  We ended up working together at a horse and carriage company in downtown Charleston.  We walked past this row of houses daily.  Below that is a ceramic girl holding a candle.  This was given to me by my grandma on our Christmas trip to Tennessee.  The whole family...all twelve of us stayed in a log cabin together Christmas 2006.  The snowman was also given to me by my grandma.  Josh and I did not have a Christmas tree until the third Christmas we had together.  We were really poor!  So when we got a tree we did not have any ornaments...so thanks to my grandma she bought us a few and passed some down to us.
When I was a little girl we would cut down our tree.  While at the tree farm my grandma and I would look for a birds nest to place in our tree...we thought it was good luck.  So she got me a nest to place in our tree every year!

The Christmas ball looks like it has shredded paper in it, but in fact it is a hundred dollar bill.  My husband was given this as a gag gift from his dad when he was younger.  The santa is another ornament from my grandma on our trip to Tennessee.  To the right of that is a ceramic baseball player.  This is Josh's from when he played little league.

Well I hope you have enjoyed out tree as much as I have!  Check out the other trees at A baby changes everything and visit Simply Sweet Home who is hosting the Holly Bloggy Christmas Bash!

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  1. Your tree skirt caught my eye. I love it.

  2. stumbled upon your blog today...I love it. :) Your tree is super cute! I wish we had hand-me-down ornaments. I love things that have a story behind them.

    We're an Air Force family too, stationed in San Antonio. :)

  3. Love your tree! Thanks for becoming a follower! Isn't it always fun to see a new one... I love how yours says Let's be friends.. so, nice to meet you friend! Merry Christmas!