Monday, December 14, 2009

Homemade gifts

So I have decided to join in on a few holiday blog activities.  One of them is the Holly Bloggy Christmas Bash.  Day one started today over at Tatertots and Jello with homemade gifts.  I have made a few this year, and now I wish I would have taken better pictures!  Here are some pictures of what I did....

So I bought these really ugly photo books at CVS for a dollar, and I covered them with scrapbook paper I got at Hobby Lobby.  I filled each with pictures of my boys...sorry the pictures are not that great.

I bought some really cheap Christmas ornaments at Goodwill this year and here is what I did with a few of them.

I wish I could take credit for this idea, but I have seen this on many blogs.  All I did was paint each one of my boys hands, press them on the ball, let them dry, then painted my snowmen faces, and then I sprayed them with a clear coat to protect the paint.  I also put the year on the bottom...I do different kiddo ornaments every year.  This is one of my favorites!

Once again I wish this was my idea but I have seen many different versions of these coasters on blogs.
Here is what you need to make these:
-small ceramic tiles (I got mine at Lowe's for 28 cents each)
-scrapbook paper
-Mod Podge
-hot glue gun
-cork backing

I cut the scrapbook paper a little smaller than the square and then Mod Podged it to the tile.  Then I Mod Podged the top of the paper.  I let it dry over night then I did another layer of  Mod Podge on top.  Once dry I hot glued the cut cork to the bottom of the tile (I wish I had a picture of this)...the cork was cut to be about the same size as the scrapbook paper.  I really like the way they turned out, but I could change one thing I would use fine sandpaper on the edges before I mod Podged the top.

Here is a link to the Holly Bloggy Bash....check it out!

Also check out The Girl Creative to see some more cool homemade ideas! 


  1. What fun projects! They are all so cute. I love the little ornaments you made with your kids. What a great idea! And those coasters are so pretty!

    Thanks for coming by and linking up!


  2. Those came out really, really nice. I've seen this idea before but keep forgetting about it!! I'm going to have to start keeping a list! Adding you to my blogroll. :)

  3. Cute projects! They both came out so well!

  4. These are beautiful, I love the paper you chose. Im gonna tackle this project in the new year when everything settles down. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Where did you get the cork backing?

  6. Love those tile coasters. If I have more than 1 in my stash I would totally make those for my little girls ...hmm maybe I might do it out of wooden blocks. Thanks for the link...

  7. I got a roll of cork at hobby lobby. They had pre-cut squares, but it was cheaper in the long run to cut your own squares. I think it was 4.99 and I used a 40% off coupon. Hope this helps:)

  8. I was able to find cork board at the local Dollar Tree in the school supply section. Super cheap!