Monday, December 21, 2009

A few great Christmas ideas....for next year!

So every year the boys and I make a new homemade Christmas ornament.  I just found this idea of a Time Capsule Ornament!  Isn't this cool...I am totally doing this next year!  Sorry grandparents try to forget that I said that. 

Growth Tree

So I am not a big fan of hanging a growth chart all year around because it never gets used.  However, I think this is a really fun idea.

I love the idea of being able to add on ornaments every year with the kids height on them.  Check out how to make is here. 

One last idea for next year

If you haven't noticed I like to reflect on how we change from year to year.  I really like this idea because without pictures of past Christmas's I would have no idea what we got and what year we got it.  Sad I know, but after having my boys my memory gone to you know what!  
I hope you all have a great Christmas Week!


  1. I love the Christmas height chart! It is a wonderful idea.

  2. Cute ideas!! Thanks for sharing...

  3. Amanda, sweet ideas for NEXT year!!! now i've got to remember the ideas....repost them next December 1? lol!

  4. Very cute ideas! It's nice to meet another Weim lover!

  5. Super cute ideas! We have been wanting to make a growth chart for a while now. A holiday one is such a great idea! Thanks for visiting us on homemademamas.

  6. Love both of those ideas...I'm saving them to my holiday folder!

    Love that you make ornaments each year. It's great to look back & relive the memories of past years. :)

  7. i heARD U kids went down to porridgeville & survived. How was all that??

  8. I love the idea of the time capsule ornament! I'm going to do that next year

  9. These are very cute ideas!

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