Tuesday, June 2, 2009

House of Cards

Well, I'm not sure where to start with this blog. So much has happened since I last entered anything. So here goes! Everything was going great with my job, the boys were doing well with there child care providers, and life just seemed to be going smoothly! So Josh and I had been thinking about buying a house here since we knew that it was likely that we would be hear at least four more years. We got pre-approved and found a house that we wanted to make an offer on and went under contract early May. We could not have been happier. Shortly after we were confronted by Preston child care provider that she was having problems with Preston's behavior. I know this lady has been in child care for many years but to me he was acting like a normal two year old, but we did want him to keep going there because she was a good caregiver so we started to really work on his acting out. A few weeks went by and she gave notice the weekend of Memorial Day, and we had four days to find him new care! If you don't know it is really hard to find good child care here. Everywhere was full, and had waiting lists. I didn't know what to do. So after a lot of back and fourth between Josh and I we decided it would be best to get out of the contract for the house and quit my job and stay home with the boys this summer. My "house of cards" fell, and I was emotionally drained. I had to tell myself this was for the best, and I need to get back to where this all started to go wrong. Confession time! Josh and I needed to get back to the church. I had only been a handful for times since leaving my job there. At first I needed a break from going because I needed to distance myself from my old position there, and learn to just be a member. It slowly turned into just not going, and that my friends is never good! Josh and I went together this Sunday. It was great! I feel so much better about everything now knowing that all that weight I was caring around trying to control and do everything on my own is gone. No I don't have my first house, and no I don't have my job, and no I don't have any extra money, but I feel such relief, and that means more than any of that other stuff. Thank you Lord for never giving up on me and being the one that can always put me back in place!


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  2. Thanks for sharing! I am sorry you had to exprience such disappointment. May you get to see the blessings in following where God wants you to be very soon!