Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Jackson!

My heart is filled with joy! I can not believe my little guys is four! Jackson you truly are a joy to my heart. You have changed and grown so much in these past four years. When you were a baby you never left my side. I took you everywhere I went. For the first two months of your life we lived with Grammy Capps. Daddy was in Texas doing training. You loved riding in the car, and when I could not get you to sleep I would drive around. You were a very active baby, and walked at nine months!

On your First Birthday we went to Disney World. Your Grandparent, and Great- Grandparents are good at spoiling us! We had a great time, but you didn't really get it all yet. You were very much a mamma's boy, and I didn't mind at all. You did not like to get dirty, but loved getting into everything(DVDS and CD'S).

Oh, Jackson you were a handful when you were two! I had to take you outside everyday or you would go crazy with energy. This birthday is when you received your first skateboard. We only had one major accident on it that year. (flipped board up and it hit between his eye...no serious damage was done) We moved to Texas that year and Preston was born too. In most of my pictures of you that year you have your blanket over your shoulder, and passe in mouth...we joked that you should go as one of the Charlie Brown characters! You also started one day a week Mothers Day Out. You liked school, but didn't like being away from mom.
For your third birthday we had a car party. You wanted a Mustang party! Your love for cars has grown, and grown! For your birthday you got a Jeep Hurricane. Your have driven that car all over the place, but you especial like going through mud! You still can't stand to have dirty hands, or face. You completed AWANA Cubbies this year at church, and have shown interest in doing sport. You are a social butterfly, you love playing with all your friends.

Jackson I love you and cant wait to see what age four holds for you!

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