Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring has sprung!

Well it is finally Spring time and not a day to soon I might add! My boys do not like to be kept in the house. As you can see from the pictures we have had many outings! I hope you all enjoy the pictures!

Jackson is quite the skateboarder! We got him his first board on his second birthday, and now that he is almost four he is taking more challenging obstacles.

Preston also has a skateboard and will get on it very now and then, but prefers the big wheels! He can go faster on it.

Oh the petting zoo! The boys liked it I how ever was not enjoying myself as much! I was glad when we moved on to animals that were not into eating everything in sight!

We went to the Wild Life Ranch in San Antonio in late March. We were able to feed many kinds of animals, but the Giraffes were in cages.

Jackson looking for animals to feed! The ostriches were very, very eager to eat and they even bit Jackson's hand when he was throwing food to them! I think it scared him more than it hurt!

The River Walk! We went on a boat ride this time. It was nice to just float and hear about all the history. Preston was tired and fell asleep after a few minutes.

Josh and Jackson on the boat.

Sea World!! This was our second trip to Sea World with the boys. Last time Preston was still to little to understand everything and this time Preston was sick the whole trip:( We had fun anyways, and we learned more about "spring" time for the wales than I could have ever want to see or hear about!! Yes that's right Samu was ready to make some babies when we went to the show, so they had to explain why the wales where not cooperating.

The penguins have always been a favorite for the boys! Preston
ended up with the BIG penguin that's in the picture.

The fish and sharks are always nice to see. Jackson ended up getting a shark (stuffed of course) this time. We had planed on getting a new penguin...Lucy our dog ate the Jackson's penguin from our last trip, but he decided he liked the sharks better!

Here is a Budweiser horses. Josh and I were looking forward to getting to sample new beers but they did away with the free samples, and we were not going to pay six dollars for a beer. I guess even Budweiser had to make cuts somewhere.

Preston decided he was going to wear these glasses all day! He would not give them up so we let him were them through out the town. I thought he looked pretty cute!

The weather here in Texas is nice most of the time so we have been able to get out side and play with the water table, and we even did a dry run on our new tent.
We are looking forward to the many activities we have planed for the months to come!

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