Friday, March 13, 2009

Grover Update

Well people I have been trying to post pictures and text for about an hour and half but I keep messing everything up when I add new pictures. So I am just going to write and then add pictures later. We have had a full two weeks! I have started my new job at Walco International as an Assistant/Secretary. Everything is going well, and I am learning a great deal about farm animals! (They sell animal supplies) The boys are slowly adjusting to full time daycare. Jackson has asked a few time to going back to school:( I guess he misses his buddies! I am going to enroll him in full time Pre-K next school year so we just have to make through the summer with him.

Preston is going to be two on the 19th! I can not hardly believe that my baby is already two. We have decided to not have a big party for him this year, but instead we are going to take a trip to Sea World next weekend and celebrate it then. I can't wait!

Josh is doing great at work. He will be testing for Staff this spring. We are keeping our fingers crossed that he makes it. He will be going some time in April for more training. Luckily it's only going to be two weeks long.

Well that's all for now I will attempt to add pictures next!

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