Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Challenge number 2 excepted!!

So over at The Lawsons did Dallas! blog she is having a Fantastic Asstastic Photo Challenge 2010.  During this challenge I have to submit photos of my asstastic butt (clothed of course) every week.  There will be a vote to see whose fantastic butt has shrunk the most.  This will go on until you are voted off and a winner has been announced.  Here are the official rules listed on Amy's blog:

The contestants will have one week to improve the look of their rears. Walk, run, count points, find a better camera angle, squeeze yourself into a new set of Spanks--it doesn't matter to me. What matters to me is that you send a follow-up picture one week later. I'll post the new pictures in the Fantastic, Asstastic Gallery, and we'll let the voters decide...Who's ass is the most improved?

The votes will be tallied with technological precision, and the bums that fall in the bottom fourth will be eliminated.

We'll repeat this process on January 13th, January 20th, January 27th and February 3rd--when the Grand Champion will be revealed.  Here is where you can see all the contestants in all there glory this is also where you will be able to vote for us starting next week!!

So without further a do here are my pictures....

 Yes, I know I can't believe I am posting these pictures either!  The first step to change is admitting there is a problem and as you can see my butt is barely fitting in those jeans!
I have lost and gained many times.  Here is what I have learned works for me (when I do it)
Eat healthy, and let your self enjoy some special treats (this is so you don't feel deprived)
Track what you eat- I sometimes forget what little bits or snacks I eat so its important to write it down so I can see it (visual learner)
Weigh-in once a week- same day of the week and a similar outfit
The one thing I learned throughout my ups and downs with weight is to be honest.  If you lie about working out or what you ate you will only be lying to yourself and cheating yourself. 

I have also joined the Sisterhood of the Shrinking jeans.  I am moving my treadmill out of the garage and into my living room.  My husband isn't to excited about this now, but I think he will change his mind once I get going!  I will need everyone's support...so start praying for me!!

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  1. you are a brave, brave, woman...I barely even post a couple of pictures of me on my blog. Let alone BUTT pictures....

    You look great though